Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Introductory Post

My name is Nick.  I am 28 years old, two months shy of 29.  One year shy of 30.  I am excited by this, because I'm actually happy with where I'll be by the time I hit the mark.  My life is on track in a way that it never was before, and in my hands in a way that I don't think I've ever really felt before.  In one month, I begin my first year as a grad student at UC San Diego, History of Science, no I won't go into more detail now, but dear God will I, and then you'll be glossy-eyed.  I have a partner, with whom I am happy.  We are, like the majority of gay couples I know, more or less open, and theoretically polyamorous.  This is not your business, but I'm still going to talk about it.  I'm all "radical" like that.

I'm going to skip the unending sequence of juxtaposed successes and failures, triumphs, tragedies, emergencies, unexpected windfalls, divine interventions, infernal intrusions, synchronicities, hard turns, spiritual epiphanies, surprise friendships, shocking losses, weird moments, emotional connections, tumult, turmoil, tumescence, regrets, passions, summary dismissals, queer self-discovery, intra-office politics, family drama, metamorphoses, body issues, acceptance, love, lovers, hate, haters, rage, ecstasy, eroticism, disgust, revolution, evolution, political developments, bouts of nihilism, existential growth, academic leaps, luck, strange humors and paradigm shifts that culminated in me moving with my boyfriend from Washington, DC to San Diego, California.

Salient details can show up as needed.

This is a momentary journal; it's for describing my personal adventures in academia, cooking, writing, physical fitness, hobbies, music, gaming, geekeries, critiques, political rants, complicated blasphemies and spiritual crises that don't meaningfully compress into 140 characters or a macro.  Facebook and Twitter are for little bits of daily thought-flotsam, intellectual chum for the salmon of the social network; this is for organized variations on extended themes.  My reasons for writing it are largely egotistical, but also are the product of my generation's (healthy, in my opinion) compulsion to share our experiences as we have them, to broadcast our lives and in so doing participate more fully in the world we are experiencing.

Basically it's what I want it to be at any given time.  Postmodern life for the win!  

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